Office Chair

“Niyojan Bhavan Gadchiroli”


Ankeet Cottage Industries, leading full-service turnkey contractor furniture dealer in office solution, delivers exactly what you are looking for in new and refurbished furniture to build better workplaces. Ankeet Cottage Industries knows that the most important concern of a company is to have maximum output from its employees. Our aim is to assist corporate, link the value of space and the efficiency of employees. Ankeet Cottage Industries takes a unique consultative method to plan, that can be witnessed at several layers of an organization. This assists us plan workspaces that takes care of business priorities while letting organizations to leverage space to increase employees’ performance. Our principles of delivering effective space utilization, contract support services and value-based products still prove to be true today.

Executive High Back Chair |

High Back Chair | High Back Chair Revolving

Medium Back Chair | Medium Back Revolving Chair